Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A review of iPage

Here's why I chose iPage, a breakdown of what I was offered:

$3.50 a month for hosting
Unlimited diskspace and bandwith
Unlimited e-mail accounts
A free domain name
A money back guarantee
and some Google/Facebook/Yahoo credits.

In my starting a business experience, that deal has been about the best thing I've come across. From the LLC people wanting $750, to a hundred bucks worth of business books, not much has been as pain free as registering for a year with iPage.

My grand out the door total was $50.99. That was a for a year of hosting, one domain, and privacy coverage for that domain for a year. And all that other stuff up there.

I did run into a bit of trouble after signing up. When I first accessed my account I was a little concerned because I was given a login name of myaccountnamecom. So my intitial thought was "oh no, I just registered the domain". I also had a problem where the first time I logged in I was taken to the domain central portion of the website. I was prompted to register my domain name, which I thought I had already done. So I started going through the process of registering my domain name again, but when I got to submitting it through again I was told that that domain name was already taken.

So now I'm bummed out because it appears that the perfect domain name I came up with was actually already in use. I was worried, but luckily they have on-line chat support that I hopped on and within a few minutes was connected a very nice person who told me not to worry, they'd take care of any problems I may be having. It turned out that someone had already registered that domain, and that person was me. I had just gone to a default control panel page, my domain was registered and good to go. I also learned while my login name was myaccountnamecom, the domain I had registered was still just myaccountname, so was working perfectly. I love it when a plan comes together.

I have been with iPage now for a little over a month. I have never had a problem with downtime. Registering e-mail accounts with my domain name was extremely easy. I have only had one problem, and that was figuring out how to have multiple websites hosted on my account. I will post the solution to that problem in my next blog. The two times I have needed customer support I have been helped almost immediately by a friendly person.

I can't say how the service is with any of the other web hosting sites I considered going with. They could all be wonderful. However I can say that I have not regretted for a second my decision to go with iPage. Easy, cheap, friendly, and they sure threw in a lot of goodies to get me to sign up with them. If you're looking for a web host, they're who I would recommend.

Check them out---



  1. Hello,

    Can you point me to steps to install svn on ipage?

  2. I like iPage as well. Also, the company that owns iPage owns "Hostgator" and about 40 other hosting companies. I guess it is a marketing strategy.

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