Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to host multiple sites on iPage

When I registered my second domain on iPage I ran into a problem getting the proper content to the new domain I had put up. Here's a step by step guide to hosting a second domain on the same iPage account.

For the explanation we will have SiteA as your original primary domain, and SiteB as your secondary site that you are trying to get your new page content to. The trick is using the domain pointing manager. Here is how you do it--

Step 1. From the control panel click the File Manager link.

Step 2. From the Manage Files sidebar click New Directory and name it SiteB. (This will of course be your new website name here)

Step 3. From the drop down horizontal menu hover over the Domain tab and choose the Domain Pointing Manager link.

Step 4. This will list your registered domains. On the SiteB list, click the drop down menu and choose Subdirectory. In the Points To box type "SiteB/". Save settings.

Step 5. From the drop down horizontal menu hover over the Website tab and choose the FTP link.

Step 6. Scroll down to the Create New FTP Account and make a new Username and Password. In the FTP (Home) Directory type in "SiteB/".

There you go. In your web editing software now when you're using files for the new website use the login/password that you created specifically to go to your new domain. This way you can't accidently send things to your other website.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any problems leave me a comment and let me know.

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  1. I did everything in your steps perfect with no problems but the images in my "SiteB" will not show up when you view the site. Know of any reason why this happens? Thank you

  2. Are you still updating your blog? 04/17/11 @ 1:04p.m.

  3. Not really. Hah. If you're still having the problem post a link to your website so I can check it out. I've used the above technique a dozen times with no problems. Could just be a simple piece of code giving you the trouble.

  4. thank you for posting this - I have been messing with this for the past 3 hours - I was about to throw in the towel and I found your post. Thank you - Shane

  5. awesome worked perfectly - Shane

  6. wow exactly what i was looking for thanks!!!

  7. I've done this already but the problem I come across is when you set up your site; (Primary) (Secondary)

    you can still access your secondary content from the primary site??

    How do you stop that???

    1. thanks for pointing this out - it's a good point - but I guess it doesn't matter too much ? Why would anyone type that into their search browser ?

  8. Thanks. This helped a lot. This process is not there on iPage's site even.

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  9. Great help, thanks :)

  10. Thanks so much!!! I have looked everywhere to help me with this and your tip was the only one that helped! Great help thanks :)

  11. Hello, It is helpful.but i am still confused. could you make a youtube? probably it will be easier for me to understand. Thanks a lot

  12. Thanks for this, MASSIVE help. Appreciate the time you took.


  13. That's all well and good but how do you get siteB to stop pointing to the index file in the root where siteA is stored? Type "www.siteB into a web browser and siteA comes up. The index file in your sub directory isn't being opened.

  14. If you ever come across this, Charles, please know that you have saved me a lot of time.
    I thank you, sincerely.

  15. thanks a lot for the info

  16. Thanks a lot straight to the point. Cheers!

  17. I don't see a Domain Pointing Manager link... :(

  18. Big help, saved me lots of time. Thanks.

  19. Thank you so much!

  20. WONDERFULLY well written instructions!

    Explaining how:
    Multiple Domains attached to one account
    require "File Manager" folder paths to be linked
    to their own "Additional FTP Accounts"
    Prior to a FTP site Upload.

    Your a lifesaver,
    I can stop filling out this application for Mcdonalds.

  21. You can use the DomainCentral tab in step 3 instead of Domain Pointing Manager. It takes you where you need to go.

  22. I was so thrilled to find this guide, however I am having some issues. I followed the instructions per above and found that my new domain would show up as a 403 error saying Forbidden, you do not have access to / on this server.

    I have tried doing some research to see where I went wrong or what I can do, and the closest thing I could find was about using the multisite plugin on WP (to be able to use one WP host for multiple sites), but I'm guessing I need to fix this error first? Any advice would be appreciated.

  23. This information is really very useful.. Thank you